Strategica Ltd.

research, analysis and consulting


Strategica is owned and run by Keith Bliss and Kate Bliss. Together we have a wealth of experience as marketing directors and as consultants, facilitators and coaches.  We work on projects throughout the UK and in Portugal.

Strategica has been helping businesses and individuals improve their effectiveness since it incorporated in 1997. Assignments fall into one or more broad categories; Research, Consulting and Management Support. The approach to a project is always founded on understanding the situation or market environment and then providing the client with appropriate information, insights and support in their quest to develop true competitive advantage.

All of the usual qualitative and quantitative research techniques are available and findings are clearly presented. Our background and experience ensures that  these findings are the most relevant to the business needs of the client.

We can provide marketing consultancy services as expert advice or team facilitation depending on the need.

As a service to individuals, we can help executives and managers improve their performance through solution-focused coaching or mentoring.

We are passionate about delivering a service which we can be proud of and that really adds value for a client. You can be assured of a totally professional approach delivered with proactive enthusiasm and fresh thinking.

Welcome to our web site. Please browse the pages to get a feel for what we do.  For more information and to discuss how we might help you achieve your goals, please give us a call.