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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather teaching them.”


Timothy Gallwey, The Inner Game



We know and understand how lonely it can be at manager and executive positions when the pressure is on and resources are limited. The management support we provide is tailored to improve personal performance and deliver  individual and organisational goals. We are proud of our work and the success we have achieved in our services of coaching, mentoring and team facilitation.




The role of a coach is unique and distinct from any other, as coaches we focus on an individuals’ situation giving time, guidance and commitment that individuals rarely experience; dealing with specific and immediate performance issues.


We adopt the  Solution Focused model using the successful techniques of constructively listening, detail noticing, insightful questioning, identifying resources and working in collaboration with our  clients to achieve their preferred future. Coaching is generative, focusing on the present and the future, improving understanding through taking action.


Effective Coaching delivers achievement of goals, fulfilment of beliefs and values from which both individual and the organisation benefit. There are many books written and models developed that cover the subject of coaching, however,   nothing compares to the development and sustained learning of individual coaching that we offer.


As experienced coaches, many of our clients comment on how helpful our conversations have been, we really listen, we have your interest as our focus, we ask questions to establish who you are, what you think. As your coach we will reflect back to you with an objectivity that provides real insight and clarity.


We provide a flexible approach to suit our clients, following an initial face to face meeting further coaching sessions can be on/off site at a time that is convenient to you and via a media (face to face, telephone, email) that you are comfortable with.



The role of mentor is more involved with the achievement of long term goals and careers,  and whilst we have a wide range of experience mentoring  is usually more specific.


We offer mentoring expertise in:


* Marketing

* Sales

* People Management

* Executive & Directorship Roles


We have significant experience in organisation and business life, each of us having held positions of main board directors of international companies for a number of years. We  have in depth knowledge and understanding of setting up new business’ delivering culture change and developing good managers into great leaders and credible role models.



Whether your organisation has an individual, small group or team performance requirement we have the skill and experience to facilitate alignment of the best personal ability to create harmonious dynamic teams.


Facilitation is an art which we can offer to your clients, creating empowered teams with shared values and a respect for individual talent to deliver the organisation goals and objectives.


Our approach to facilitation can be executed through a number of ways, our experience has taught us to tailor the program to the organisational goals and company culture


* Project Workshops

* Focus group discussions

* Team Building Activity


For more information on coaching, mentoring or team facilitation contact Kate Bliss at Strategica Limited tel: 07966 495035 or email