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Marketing Consulting

Ultimately, success depends upon the businessís ability to satisfy the needs of customers more effectively than the competition.

But which products or services and markets offer the best opportunities? Also, how can a sustainable competitive advantage be developed so that customers will choose them?

These questions are the very essence of strategic choice.† Strategica can help you to make the right decisions by;

 Researching and understanding customer needs

 Researching and understanding the competitive environment

 Auditing the business's current competitive position

 Facilitating the strategic review process using† advanced models and tools

 Facilitating† the† setting of marketing objectives and the development of effective strategic plans to achieve them.



We can provide a choice of expert or process consultancy styles depending on the clients needs.


Sometimes it is necessary to provide an expert approach and actually develop a marketing solution to suit the situation.


But, in most cases we prefer to work with the client team to identify the issues, problems and opportunities then work with them to facilitate ideas, plans and strategies.


We do not pretend to know more than the client about their business or industry. Through team facilitation and executive coaching we help them to use their knowledge, resources and creativity to set and achieve their goals. We understand organisations and have a great deal of commercial and management experience which enables us to provide† relevant support for executives and managers.

Our Approach