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Online Surveys

* Online surveys are a very fast and economic way of gathering opinions, measuring customer satisfaction or testing  new ideas.

* We have designed surveys for customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, web site design, brochure design, customer opinions for new products and services, as well as a wide range of attitudinal surveys.

* The cost depends on the complexity of the survey but as a guide, most projects cost between £1750 and £2250 .  Please call  07966 495035 or email to discuss your needs and get a quote.

* We carry out online surveys of any size. The service includes:

* Questionnaire design, we will work with you so that the  questions are designed to capture the information you need. Automatic question routing depending on the respondent answers is included to keep the survey relevant to the individual.

* Questionnaire layout, we can include your logos, artwork and even creative  concepts if needed.

* Full web hosting of the questionnaire and handling of responses

* Mass emailing of invitations to take part (email lists to be supplied). Cost depends on sample size.

* Full analysis of results, tables, charts and statistical significance

* Production of report and presentation of findings if required.