Strategica Ltd.

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Who We Are

Keith Bliss

A highly experienced marketer and researcher with a combination of analytical and strategic skills, creative flair, marketing expertise, business acumen and people development abilities. A track record of adding real value to a client and making a positive impact on their business and competitiveness.  Able to facilitate and develop individuals and teams or provide expert input depending on the need. Strong interpersonal skills and an effective communicator at all levels. 

* Wide range of qualitative and quantitative skills for company and market audit and analysis.

* Board director experience with several companies. Exec and non exec. Positions.

* Ex Marketing and Sales Director for Brintons Carpets Ltd

* Executive experience in start-up, small and medium size companies.

* Direct experience of acquisitions and commercial due diligence.

* Strong abilities in creating financial performance models and information processing.

* Expertise in brand development, management and communication.

* MBA (distinction) from Warwick University.

Kate Bliss

An accomplished executive coach & management consultant with a wealth of business experience.  A strong believer in the empowerment of individuals  and their ability to achieve.  A Solution Focused Practitioner in management, sales, marketing, manufacturing and customer service. Initiated and delivered significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness across  all functions.  A strong and clear communicator who can motivate and share a vision to maximise potential, with  a proven track record of  successfully increasing turnover,  profit and performance through using coaching techniques with individuals and teams.

* Business Coach & Consultant, trained practitioner in Solution Focus. 5 years experience as Main Board Director with 25 years in business & people management

* Business Reorganisation: direct involvement in due diligence and member of successful MBO. Reorganised & project managed for the smooth consolidation of 3 operational sites across the country in to one new Greenfield site with business growing at over 20%

* Ex UK Residential Sales Director, Amtico International: In-depth knowledge of UK consumer market and flooring trade, wide experience in B2B sectors, national accounts, commercial clients, contractors, independent retailers

* Marketing: Development  of Brand &  key driving influence of Marketing Strategy, skilled in conducting  marketing audits, managing and implementing marketing plans, product launches, developing pricing policy & promotional tactics.

* Sales:  Highly proficient in developing sales strategy, sales training courses, defining sales methodology  & identifying new sales channels

* Customer Service: Passionate about providing best customer service through integrated multi skilled teams, KPI measurements, recognition and reward